Paradise Valley Home Electrical Inspections

Paradise Valley AZ Home Electrical Inspections


A “Home Electrical Inspection” will provide you with a detailed written report on the present condition of your Paradise Valley AZ home’s electrical system. Using our exclusive 60 point check-list, our technician will conduct a thorough survey of your home’s electrical system.

Paradise Valley Electrician - Electrical Contractor AZ

Our Technicians will open panels, and check the condition of all components. He will make note of exposed wiring. He will check lights, receptacles and switches. The integrity of ground and bonding connections will be verified. Any Code Violations and Safety hazards will be noted. This thorough inspection may take up to 2 hours.

Our “Home Electrical Inspection” is an essential “first step” towards insuring the safety of your family and your home from any electrical hazards. All potential hazards will be identified, and based on our report, a suitable plan of action can be determined.

Call Your Paradise Valley Electrician today to schedule a Home Electrical Safety Inspection.

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